Move Anatomy (John Lentz) - Girl on a Plane

from by Line of Planets



4 Girl on a Plane by move anatomy
she headed for home i got on the freeway her smile still with me her words clear as day
have i got this rhythm down is she 30,000 feet off the ground
right now
i showed her the view from beneath this skin i begged her to chew on my neck again
what she doesn’t know might take years to explain might take the man in the mirror
might take the girl on the plane girl on the plane

answers you are seeking don’t even know you are
the bells that you are ringing the old soul in your heart
the meaning that lingers in the earth and in the rain
might take the man in the mirror might take the girl on the plane girl on the plane
touch you with my hands feel you in my heart make you understand this one time love is ours

the water drops on her shouldertops ain’t helping my resolve
the warm wind underneath my feet
i just might come right off i don’t know how the forest could have stood there for the trees
but i don’t think that i can stand to not have you next to me
for all our precious pain all our wasted days we can’t deny one another
for what is it we long for
what is it we ache for
why do we need one another

she got ripples on her dimples two different color socks
power windows heatup seats and an old time analog clock all right
how much works’ worth fighting for all the sweat and toil
all the rebel-willed advisors
seek to slowly spoil the bonds that you have labored so
to render fast
they dissolve like cooking oil burn up in a flash

and you alone will sing these words words sing alone with you
and harmony’s the sweetest sound no matter the tune
these intervals at carnival the flyer did tame
and legend says he never did


from My Daughter's Hand, track released September 22, 2014



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